Chris Pilliczar

CEO, President, Film Artists Network

Chris PilliczarSince 1996, Mr. Pilliczar has served as Executive Producer and Producer on several motion pictures and TV specials. Most recently in April 2006 Chris serves as a producer on the feature project entitled REAL LOVE. REAL LOVE is based on the true-life story of Beverly Broadus Green, the mother of "Snoop Dogg" (rap entertainer and film star).

In March 2004, Chris produced a digital feature entitled THIS FUNNY FEELING.

In 2003 Chris executive produced a Documentary entitled "THE SHADOW OF A LEGEND" featuring Elvis Presley, Jr.

In October 2002 he produced two short films back to back on 35 mm "JESSE & JESSIE" and "OPPOSITE ATTRACTS" involving cast and crew from five countries (Germany, Austria, England, Argentina and America).

In January 2001, Chris produced an all-star cast experimental film "ARE YOU A SERIAL KILLER?" starring LISA ARNING (ER), AUSTIN PECK (Days of Our Lives) and DAMIAN CHAPA (Under Siege).

In Aug. 2000 Chris Executive produced a feature film entitled "ONE HELL OF A DAY". In 1999 he Executive produced a digital short film that was made into a feature length film entitled "NAOMI'S WEB" which was distributed as a new release at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO STORE chain nation wide, it grossed so far $US 2,000,000. This same year Chris co- produced a 90-minute feature film entitled "MARTY & VIRGINIA".

In 1997 Mr. Pilliczar served as an Executive Producer on the 35-mm feature "IRISH WHISKEY" that won BEST FEATURE FILM AWARD, BEST DIRECTING AWARD; it received a THREE STAR rating in the BOXOFFICE MAGAZINE and an excellent write up from Charles Champlin (Los Angeles Times).

Since November of 1997, Chris has served as Executive Vice President, Head of Business, Marketing, Sales and Distribution for FILM ARTISTS NETWORK also known as F.A.N. Chris has brought F.A.N. to its current level. Together with President, Eugene Mandelcorn, originator of the F.A.N. concept, Chris manages F.A.N. as an international non profit 501(c) 3 organization of Independent filmmakers worldwide, involved in every aspect of filmmaking, including development, funding pre-production, production, post-production, marketing and sales. F.A.N holds offices at the major markets including NATPE (TV Market), AMERICAN FILM MARKET (AFM) and CANNES FILM MARKET in France, establishing and maintaining business relationships worldwide. He has increasingly established many business relationships with film buyers and distributors, entertainment attorneys and production companies for the purpose of expanding F.A.N. He has initiated and completed worldwide sales on feature films and documentaries.

In January of 2001 Chris established FILM ARTISTS MANAGEMENT (FAM). An organization of Agents and Managers world –wide that manage cast and Talent above and below the line.

In January of 2002 Chris has established a film Distribution Company named FILM ARTISTS DISTRIBUTION (FAD).

One of F.A.N. and F.A.M. sponsors is SCHATZI ON MAIN, a restaurant founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver in 1991. Chris first got involved in the film industry in 1985 working as a double for ROBIN WILLIAMS as well as on several film and television productions including DALLAS (four episodes) with Producer LEONARD KATZMAN, HIGH HEELS starring JESSICA HAHN, MORTON DOWNEY, JR. and others.

Canadian / Austrian by birth, with adolescent years in Canada and Vienna, Austria, Europe. Mr. Pilliczar became an inventor and businessman, creator of the Award Winning CON-RAD FLOOR HEATING SYSTEM; an energy saving product successfully marketed throughout Europe. In 1984 he relocated to Los Angeles, CA. He speaks fluently in English and German.