What’s all the F.A.N.-fare about?

Film Artists Network (F.A.N.) truly independent cinema is the best-kept secret in the motion picture industry. As a worldwide membership organization of talented filmmakers, it is also an innovator of projects and programs devoted to developing, promoting and supporting Independent filmmaking.

F.A.N. was formed in the fall of 1988, when six filmmakers came together with a shared belief that the best screenplay ever written had not been produced; the best film ever shot had not been distributed. They formed a new organization whose goal was to utilize each individual’s abilities, expertise and drive to create quality, character-driven motion picture and video projects that move audiences and create critical and marketplace success for F.A.N. members. The original founders also understood that filmmaking is a collaborative medium unlike painting or sculpture; that success demands working together like a team and caring for each other like a family. The tradition continues today.

The Seven Stages of Independence

1. Development: Meetings evolve into brainstorming, writing & packaging – a team effort.
2. Funding: A variety of investment offerings finance a slate of projects.
3. Pre-production: Mutual experience and a shared member-created database helps obtain the most talented, reliable and cost-effective above and below-the-line personnel, locations and equipment.
4. Production: Shooting continuously and cooperatively saves $.
5. Post-production: Multiple projects means better deals.
6. Sales and Marketing: It’s not the sales agent’s film…it’s your film. F.A.N. members have cooperatively sold films directly to buyers and distributors at NATPE (TV market), AFM and Cannes Film Markets.
7. Distribution: Linked F.A.N. chapters worldwide become a F.A.N. distribution network.

F.A.N. holds offices at major markets around the world.

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It doesn’t take money to make movies.
It takes people – talented people with passion and a dream.

What began as an American innovation is fanning out around the world.

Although F.A.N. originated in Hollywood, CA., F.A.N. is now an international organization worldwide.

Our objective is to structure the chapter in an easy to run fashion, so that concentration will be on producing films, not on running the organization. Our goal is to maintain exhibitor contracts in major cities globally to facilitate worldwide distribution of F.A.N. product.

Other Member Activities

  • F.A.N. Screening Nights
  • F.A.N. Reel Nights
  • F.A.N. has showcased yet-to-be-distributed shorts, documentaries and feature films during these monthly screening series.
  • Attending major Film Markets like the American Film Market (AFM), Cannes Film Market in France, NATPE Television Market